About Steph


Ahoy there…

I’m Steph, a badass single mum of half a dozen crazy-haired wildlings. 

I work with families using my creative skills to handcraft a stunning gallery of photographs that will be treasured for generations to come. 
My documentary sessions are unscripted and unposed. 

Illuminating the beauty of motherhood and the magic of childhood through lifestyle and documentary photography. 

My voracious soul is enthralled by the poetic powers of enchanting light. Forever finding strange and unusual things intriguing, weirdness inspires my obsession with freelensing and moody post processing.
I have an emotive, melancholy, peculiar style to my images.

Based in Hervey Bay QLD Australia, I'm a birth and motherhood photographer and educator. I create Lightroom Presets for the weird, wild, wonderful photographers of the world! You can grab them here! 

Stay weird!

Steph xoxo